Evacmod.net - Evacuation Modelling Portal

This is the evacuation modelling portal for the simulation of human behaviour during emergency situations. The site is made by the evacuation modelling community for the evacuation modelling community.
Almost all content on the site is user generated (by users logging on and entering the information). It is Evacmod.net's aim to provide a platform for students, fire safety engineers, software engineers, behavioural scientists, researchers or any interested parties to communicate, and share their knowledge and experience. By providing such a platform it is hoped that the field of evacuation modelling will be further advanced. It is hoped a variety of perspectives are expressed in an environment that is free from political or commercial bias.
The site has undergone a number of significant developments. It now has a wider array of features that should benefit the users and better enable the sharing of thoughts and ideas. The website now includes several sections: 
1. Literature - if you have recently written or read a paper/piece of literature, then you can share the article's intro/abstract and relevant link to the full-text in our Literature section.
2. Forum - if you want to ask a question, join a debate or just find out information about an evacuation modelling related topic, then you can post a message in the forum. After logging in, just click on the 'Forum' link at the top of the page.
3. Model Directory - to view a list of some of the most common evacuation models, click on the 'Models' link to the top of the page. Links are provided to associated websites if available.
4. Events Calendar - if you want to advertise/let others know about an event related to evacuation modelling, then this can be posted on the Events Calendar.
5. News - to view a list of recent articles on the Internet regarding fire safety and evacuations from a variety of news sources, just click on the "News" link at the top of the page.
6. Private Messaging - if you would like to find out information about a subject, model or just privately contact someone in general who is registered with Evacmod.net, then you can use our private messaging system.
7. Video & Audio - to view/listen to video and audio content related to evacuation modelling then click here.
8. Links - to view a list of other websites related in some way to "evacuation modelling" click here.

At Evacmode.net, we have attempted to insure that all information is accurate and up to date which is posted on the website. Indeed much of the content is user generated. Consequently Evacmod.net accepts no responsibility for inccurate or out of date information. If you wish to quote information from the website then Evacmod.net urges you to confirm with the orginal source/author of the information directly that it is accurate and up to date. If you are an author of a piece literature which is posted on Evacmod.net and you wish it to be removed, please send an email to evacmod@gmail.com with the relavant details, however, we  would really like you to consider keeping it on the site as it contributes to helping others in the field. Evacmod.net has no commercial or political affiliation and the views/opinions expressed are soley those of individuals.

If you are an evacuation model developer/group/company and wish to advetise on Evacmod.net, then after logging on, send a private message to 'admin' to find out more information.

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