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In Press
An Evacuation Decision Model based on perceived risk, social influence and behavioural uncertainty, Ruggiero Lovreglio; Enrico Ronchi; Daniel Nilsson , Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 04/2016, (In Press) Abstract
A Method for the Analysis of Behavioural Uncertainty in Evacuation Modelling, Enrico Ronchi; Paul A. Reneke; Richard D. Peacock , Fire Technology, (In Press) Abstract
Assessing the Verification and Validation of building fire evacuation models, Enrico Ronchi; Erica Kuligowski; Daniel Nilsson; Richard Peacock; Paul Reneke , Fire Technology, (In Press) Abstract
Bounding defaults in egress models, Steven Gwynne; Erica Kuligowski; Michael Spearpoint; Enrico Ronchi , Fire and Materials, (In Press) Abstract
Large crowd modelling: an analysis of the Duisburg Love Parade disaster, Maria Pretorius; Steven Gwynne; Edwin R. Galea , Fire and Materials, (In Press) Abstract
Stair evacuation of older adults and people with mobility impairments, Erica Kuligowski; Richard Peacock; Emily Wiess; Bryan Hoskins , Fire Safety Journal, (In Press) Abstract
Vacate: A Heuristic Optimization based Model for Fire Evacuation Simulation, Z. Xue; G. Tyagi; C. L. Bloebaum , Journal of Fire Sciences, (In Press) Abstract
A Study of Herding Behaviour in Exit Choice during Emergencies based on Random Utility Theory, Lovreglio R.; Fonzone A.; dell'Olio L.; Borri D. , Safety Science, Volume 82, p.421–431, (2016)
Modelling Decision-Making in Fire Evacuation Using the Random Utility Theory, Ruggiero Lovreglio , Civil Engineering, Turin, p.192, (2016) Abstract
Disaster management: Design buildings for rapid evacuation, Enrico Ronchi , Nature, 12/2015, Volume 528, Issue 7582, p.333, (2015)
A Virtual Reality Experiment on Flashing Lights at Emergency Exit Portals for Road Tunnel Evacuation, Enrico Ronchi; Daniel Nilsson; Saša Kojić; Joakim Eriksson; Ruggiero Lovreglio; Henric Modig; Anders Lindgren Walter , Fire Technology, (2015) Abstract
A model of the decision-making process during pre-evacuation, Lovreglio R.; Ronchi E.; Nilsson D. , Fire Safety Journal, Volume 78, p.168–179, (2015) Abstract
A Mixed-Ordered Approach to Investigate Correlations Among Different Affordances in Fire Evacuation, Lovreglio R.; Ronchi E.; Nilsson D. , 6th Human Behaviour in Fire Symposium, Cambridge, UK , (2015)
Ascending evacuation in long stairways: Physical exertion, walking speed and behaviour, Enrico Ronchi; Johan Norén; Mattias Delin; Kalev Kuklane; Amitava Halder; Silvia Arias; Karl Fridolf , Lund, p.116, (2015) Abstract
Calibrating Floor Field Cellular Automaton Models for Pedestrian Dynamics by Using Likelihood Function Optimization, Lovreglio R.; Ronchi E.; Nilsson D. , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 438, p.308–320, (2015)
The need of latent variables for modelling decision-making in evacuation simulations, Lovreglio R.; Borri D.; Ronchi E.; Fonzone A.; dell'Olio, L. , IX International Workshop on Planning and Evaluation, Bari (Italy), (2015)
The Role of Herding Behaviour in Exit Choice During Evacuation, Ruggiero Lovreglio; Achille Fonzone; Luigi dell'Olio; Dino Borri; Angel Ibeas , XI Congreso de Ingenieria del Transporte (CIT 2014), Jun 18, 2014, Volume 160, Santander, Spain, p.390–399, (2014) Abstract
Serious Games for the Elicitation of Way-finding Behaviours in Emergency Situations, Almeida, João Emílio; Tiago, João Neto Pinheiro; Faria, Brígida Mónica; Rossetti, Rosaldo J F; Coelho, António Leça , CISTI 2014 - 9ª Conferencia Ibérica de Sistemas y Tecnologías de Información, 18/06/2014, Barcelona, Spain, (2014) Abstract
The validation of evacuation simulation models through the analysis of behavioural uncertainty, Ruggiero Lovreglio; Enrico Ronchi; Dino Borri , Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 11/2014, Volume 131, p.166-174, (2014) Abstract
Social influence on route choice in a virtual reality tunnel fire, Max Kinateder; Enrico Ronchi; Daniel Gromer; Mathias Müller; Michael Jost; Markus Nehfischer; Andreas Mühlberger; Paul Pauli , Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 09/2014, (2014) Abstract
Fire Safety Standards in Brazil on Smoke Detectors: Why was the Commissioning with Real Smoke Stopped?, Rodrigo Machado Tavares , Fire Technology, 05/2014, (2014) Abstract
A Study on People’s Attitude to the Use of Elevators for Fire Escape, Y. J. Liao; S. M. Lo; J. Ma; S. B. Liu; G. X. Liao , Fire Technology, 03/2014, Volume 50, Issue 2, p.363-378, (2014) Abstract
Modelling total evacuation strategies for high-rise buildings, Enrico Ronchi; Daniel Nilsson , Building Simulation, 02/2014, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.73-87, (2014) Abstract
A probabilistic approach for the analysis of evacuation movement data, Enrico Ronchi; Erica D. Kuligowski; Richard D. Peacock; Paul A. Reneke , Fire Safety Journal, 01/2014, Volume 63, p.69-78, (2014) Abstract
A new method for assessing the application of deterministic or stochastic modelling approach in evacuation scenarios , Daniel Alvear; Orlando Abreu; Arturo Cuesta; Virginia Alonso , Fire Safety Journal, Volume 65, p.11-18, (2014) Abstract