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Journal Article
Collecting pedestrian trajectories, Maik Boltes; Armin Seyfried , Neurocomputing, (2013) Abstract
Automatic Extraction of Pedestrian Trajectories from Video Recordings, Maik Boltes; Armin Seyfried; Bernhard Steffen; Andreas Schadschneider , (unknown), (2008) Abstract
New Insights Into Pedestrian Flow through bottlenecks, A. Seyfried; T. Rupprecht; O. Passon; B. Steffen; W. Klingsch; M. Boltes , preprint, Volume 02, p.arxiv:physics/0702004v1, (2007)
The fundamental diagram of pedestrian movement revisited, A. Seyfried; B. Steffen; W. Klingsch; M. Boltes , J. Stat. Mech., Volume 10, p.P10002, (2005)
The Fundamental Diagram of Pedestrian Movement Revisited, Armin Seyfried; bernhard steffen; wolfram Klingsch; maik Boltes , Journal of Statistical Mechanics, (2005) Abstract
Conference Paper
Tracking people in crowded scenes, Maik Boltes; Armin Seyfried , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
HERMES - Evacuation Assistant for Arenas, H. Klüpfel; A. Seyfried; S. Holl; M. Boltes; M. Chraibi; U. Kemloh; A. Portz; J. Liddle; T. Rupprecht; A. Winkens; W. Klingsch; C. Eilhardt; S. Nowak; A. Schadschneider; T. Kretz; M. Krabbe , Future Security, (2010) Abstract
Enhanced empirical data for the fundamental diagram and the flow through bottlenecks, A. Seyfried; M. Boltes; J. Kähler; W. Klingsch; A. Portz; T. Rupprecht; A. Schadschneider; B. Steffen; A. Winkens , Proceedings of the Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics Conference 2008 (PED 2008) , (2008) Abstract
Steps Toward the Fundamental Diagram - Empirical Results and Modelling, A. Seyfried; B. Steffen; W. Klingsch; Th. Lippert; M. Boltes , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2005, (2006)
The Fundamental Diagram of Pedestrian Movement Revisited - Empirical Results;Modelling, A. Seyfried; B. Steffen; W. Klingsch; Th. Lippert and M. Boltes , Traffic;Granular Flow 2005, (2006)