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Coupled Fire/Evacuation Analysis of the Station Nightclub Fire, Galea, E.R.; Wang, Z.; Veeraswamy, A.; Jia, F.; Lawrence, P.J.; Ewer, J., , Fire Safety Science (PRE PRINT), (2008) Abstract
Simulating Ship Evacuation under Fire Conditions, Galea E.R.; Lawrence P; Gwynne S.; Filippidis L.; Blackshields D.; Sharp G.; Hurst N.; Wang Z.; Ewer J. , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2003, 20-22 August 2003, University of Greenwich, London, UK, p.159-171, (2003)
Fire Safety Engineering and Ship Design using Advanced Fire and Evacuation Simulation, Galea, E R; Gwynne, S; Lawrence P.; Blackshields, D.; Ewer, J.; Wang, N.; Hurst, N.; Mawhinney,N. , 1st International Conference Fire on Ships, 11, 12 March 2003, Inmarsat Conference Centre, London EC1, (2003) Abstract
Evacuation Analysis of 1000+ Seat Blended Wing Body Aircraft Configurations: Computer Simulations and Full-Scale Evacuation Experiment, E. R. Galea; L. Filippidis; Z. Wang; P. J. Lawrence; J. Ewer , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
The Simulation of Fire and Evacuation at Sea, E Galea; A Grandison; L Filippidis; S Gwynne; J Ewer; P Lawrence , 10th International Interflam Fire Science \& Engineering Conference, Edinburgh, 5-7 July 2004, p.755-760, (2004)