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Journal Article
Crowd evacuation simulation for bioterrorism in micro-spatial environments based on virtual geographic environments, Yiquan Song; Jianhua Gong; Yi Li; Tiejun Cui; Liqun Fang; Wuchun Cao , Safety Science, Volume 53, p.105-113, (2013) Abstract
Hybrid modelling and simulation of huge crowd over a hierarchical Grid architecture, Dan Chen; Lizhe Wang; Xiaomin Wu; Jingying Chen; Samee U. Khan; Joanna Kołodziej; Mingwei Tian; Fang Huang; Wangyang Liu , Future Generation Computer Systems, (2012) Abstract
A proposed pedestrian waiting-time model for improving space–time use efficiency in stadium evacuation scenarios, Zhixiang Fang; Qingquan Li; Qiuping Li; Lee D. Han; Dan Wang , Building and Environment, 09/2011, Volume 46, Issue 9, (2011) Abstract
Experimental study on evacuation process in a stairwell of a high-rise building, Zhi-Ming Fang; Wei-Guo Song; Zi-Juan Li; Wei Tian; Wei Lv; Jian Ma; Xia Xiao , Building and Environment, (2011) Abstract
Experiment and analysis on microscopic characteristics of pedestrian movement in building bottleneck, Wei Tian; WeiGuo Song; Wei Lü; ZhiMing Fang , SCIENCE CHINA TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES, Volume 54, Issue 7, p.1730-1736, (2011) Abstract
Hierarchical multi-objective evacuation routing in stadium using ant colony optimization approach, Zhixiang Fang; Xinlu Zong; Qingquan Li; Qiuping Li; Shengwu Xiong , Journal of Transport Geography, 05/2011, (2011) Abstract
Experimental study on microscopic moving characteristics of pedestrians in built corridor based on digital image processing, Jian Ma; Wei-guo Song; Zhi-ming Fang; Siu-ming Lo; Guang-xuan Liao , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.2160-2169 , (2010) Abstract
Evacuation from a classroom considering the occupant density around exits , Shaobo Liu; Lizhong Yang; Tingyong Fang; Jian Li , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 388, p.1921-1928 , (2009) Abstract
Integrated network approach of evacuation simulation for large complex buildings , P. Yuan; Z. Fang; Y.C. Wang; S.M. Lo; P. Wang , Fire Safety Journal, 02/2009, Volume 44, Issue 2, p.266-275 , (2009) Abstract
Influence of exit layout of a metro station on pedestrian evacuation, Hu, Qing-Mei; Fang, Wei-Ning; Li, Guang-Yan; Ding, Lin , Journal of the China Railway Society, Volume 31, Issue 3, p.111-115, (2009) Abstract
Lattice hydrodynamic model with bidirectional pedestrian flow , Huan-huan Tiana; Hong-di Heb; Yan-fang Weic; Xue Yua; Wei-zhen Lu , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 07/2009, Volume 388, Issue 14, p.2895-2902 , (2009) Abstract
Occupant evacuation model based on cellular automata in fire, YANG Lizhong; FANG Weifeng; HUANG Rui; DENG Zhihua , Chinese Science Bulletin, Volume 47, p.1484-1488, (2008) Abstract
Survey of pedestrian movement and development of a crowd dynamics model , Z. Fang; J.P. Yuan; Y.C. Wang; S.M. Lo , Fire Safety Journal, 08/2008, Volume 43, Issue 6, p.459-465 , (2008) Abstract
Simulation of the kin behavior in building occupant evacuation based on Cellular Automaton, L.Z. Yang; D.L. Zhao; J. Li; T.Y. Fang , Building and Environment, 03/2005, Volume 40, Issue 3, p.411-415, (2005) Abstract
Simulation of evacuation behaviors in fire using spacial grid, Yang, Lizhong; Zhao, Daoliang; Li, Jian; Fang, Weifeng; Fan, Weicheng , Progress in Natural Science, 07/2004, Volume 14, Issue 7, p.614-618, (2004) Abstract
A graph-based algorithm for extracting units and loops from architectural floor plans for a building evacuation model , G. S. Zhia; M. Lo; Z. Fang , Computer-Aided Design, 01/2003, Volume 35, Issue 1, (2003) Abstract
On the relationship between crowd density and movement velocity , Z. Fang; S. M. Lo; J. A. Lu , Fire Safety Journal, 04/2003, Volume 38, Issue 3, p.271-283, (2003) Abstract
A computer simulation model of emergency egress for space planners, S.M. Lo; Z. Fang; G.S. Zhi; K.K. Yuen , Facilities, Volume 20, Issue 7/8, p.262 - 270, (2002) Abstract
Conference Paper
Ant colony based evacuation optimization algorithm for mixed vehicle-pedestrian flows, Qiuping Li; Zhixiang Fang; Qingquan Li , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
A Multi-Grid Model For Evacuation Coupling With The Effects of Fire Products, Zhi-Ming Fang; Wei-Guo Song; Hao Wu , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou: Fire Protection Strategies for an Energy Efficient High-Rise Building, Fang Li; James Antell; Martin Reiss , CTBUH 8th World Congress, (2008) Abstract
VISSIM for Evacuation Modeling, Planning, and Optimization, Fang Yuan , (2009)