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buildingEXODUS V 4.0 - User Guide and Technical Manual, Galea, E. R.; Gwynne, S.; Lawrence, P.J.; Filippidis, L.; Blackshields, D.; Cooney, D. , (2004)
Journal Article
Bounding defaults in egress models, Steven Gwynne; Erica Kuligowski; Michael Spearpoint; Enrico Ronchi , Fire and Materials, (In Press) Abstract
Large crowd modelling: an analysis of the Duisburg Love Parade disaster, Maria Pretorius; Steven Gwynne; Edwin R. Galea , Fire and Materials, (In Press) Abstract
Employing pedestrian observations in engineering analysis, Siddiqui, A.A.; Gwynne, S.M.V. , Safety Science, 03/2012, Volume 50, (2012) Abstract
Modelling the impact of emergency exit signs in tunnels, Enrico Ronchi; Daniel Nilsson, Steve Gwynne , Fire Technology, (2012) Abstract
Improving the Collection and Use of Human Egress Data , S. M. V. Gwynne , Fire Technology, (2011) Abstract
Mutual Information for the Detection of Crush, Harding, P; Gwynne, S; Amos, M , PLoS ONE , Volume 6, (2011) Abstract
An early warning method for crush, Peter J. Harding; Steve M. V. Gwynne; Martyn Amos , Multiagent Systems, (2010) Abstract
Exploring the factors that influence the perception of risk: The case of Volcán de Colima, Mexico, Juan Carlos Gavilanes-Ruiza; Alicia Cuevas-Muñiza; Nick Varleya; Gemma Gwynne; John Stevenson; Ricardo Saucedo-Girón; Anaid Pérez-Pérez; Mary Aboukhalil; Abel Cort , Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 10/2009, Volume 186, Issue 3-4, (2009) Abstract
Pre-evacuation Data Collected from a Mid-rise Evacuation Exercise, S.M.V. Gwynne; D.L. Boswell , Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, Volume 19, p.5-29, (2009) Abstract
Questioning the linear relationship between doorway width and achievable flow rate , S.M.V. Gwynne; E.D. Kuligowski; J. Kratchman; J.A. Milke , Fire Safety Journal, p.80-87 , (2009) Abstract
Simulating a Building as a People Movement System, S.M.V. Gwynne; E. Kuligowski , Journal of Fire Sciences, 06/2009, Volume 27, Issue 4, (2009) Abstract
Helping People on Their Own Terms: Developing Inclusive Emergency Procedures, S.M.V.Gwynne , Fire Technology, (2008) Abstract
Developing Inclusive Emergency Procedures, Gwynne, S. , Fire Safety Science (PRE PRINT), (2008) Abstract
The incorporation and validation of empirical crawling data into the buildingEXODUS model, Rani Muhdia; Steve Gwynne; Jerry Davis , Safety Science, (2008) Abstract
Data Collection in Support of the Modelling of Naval Vessels, S. Gwynne, L. Filippidis, E.R. Galea, D. Cooney, P. Boxtall , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2005, Edts N Waldau, P Gattremann, H Knoflacher, M Schreckenberg. Publ. Springer, p.443-454, (2007)
Recommendations on the Nature of the Passenger Response Time Distribution to be Used in the MSC 1033 Assembly Time Analysis Based on Data Derived from Sea Trials, E.R. Galea; S. Deere; G. Sharp; L. Filippidis; P.J. Lawrence; S. Gwynne , International Journal of Maritime Engineering, Volume 149, p.15-29, (2007)
Signage Legibility Distances as a Function of Observation Angle, X. Hui; L. Filippidis; S. Gwynne; E.R. Galea; D. Blackshields; P.J. Lawrence , Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, Volume 17, p.41-64, (2007) Abstract
Collection and Analysis of Pre-Evacuation Time Data Collected from Evacuation Trials Conducted in Library Facilities in Brazil, Rodrigo Machado Tavares; S. Gwynne; E. R. Galea , Journal of Applied Fire Science, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.23-40, (2006) Abstract
Representing the Influence of Signage on Evacuation Behavior within an Evacuation Model, L. Filippidis; E.R. Galea; S. Gwynne; P.J. Lawrence , Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, Volume 16, p.37-73, (2006)
The Impact of the Passenger Response Time Distribution on Ship Evacuation Performance, S Deere; E R Galea; P Lawrence; L Filippidis; S Gwynne , International Journal of Maritime Engineering, Volume 148, p.34--44, (2006)
A systematic Comparison of buildingEXODUS predictions with experimental data from the Stapelfeldt Trials and the Milburn House Evacuation, S. Gwynne; E.R. Galea; M. Owen; P.J. Lawrence; L. Filippidis , Applied Mathematical Modelling, Issue 29, p.818-851, (2005)
Advanced Evacuation Simulation Software and its Use in Warships, P. Boxall; S. Gwynne; L. Filippidis; E.R. Galea; D.Cooney , Proceedings of the Human Factors in Ship Design, Safety and Operation, London UK, p.49-56, (2005)
The Introduction of Social Adaptation within Evacuation Modelling, S Gwynne; E R Galea; P J Lawrence , Fire and Materials, p.285-309, (2005) Abstract
What a user should know when choosing an evacuation model, Erica Kuligowski; Steve Gwynne , Fire Protection, Fall, Volume 3, p.30--40, (2005)