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A scenario-based modeling approach for emergency evacuation management and risk analysis under multiple uncertainties, Y. Lv; G.H. Huang; L. Guo; Y.P. Li; C. Dai; X.W. Wang; W. Sun , Journal of Hazardous Materials, (2013) Abstract
Hybrid modelling and simulation of huge crowd over a hierarchical Grid architecture, Dan Chen; Lizhe Wang; Xiaomin Wu; Jingying Chen; Samee U. Khan; Joanna Kołodziej; Mingwei Tian; Fang Huang; Wangyang Liu , Future Generation Computer Systems, (2012) Abstract
Pedestrian-vehicles interaction during evacuation: agent-based hybrid evacuation modelling of Southeast Asian cities, Manuela Di Mauro; Michael Harold; Kusnowidja Megawati; Zhenhua Huang , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
Collection, spillback, and dissipation in pedestrian evacuation: A network-based method , Ren-Yong Guo; Hai-Jun Huang; S.C. Wong , Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 03/2011, (2011) Abstract
A Life-Cycle Cost Comparison of Exit Stairs and Occupant Evacuation Elevators in Tall Buildings , David T. Butry; Robert E. Chapman; Allison L. Huang; Douglas S. Thomas , Fire Technology, (2011) Abstract
Modeling the occupant evacuation of the Mass Rapid Transit Station using the control volume model, Guan-Yuan Wu; Shen-Wen Chien; Yuan-Ting Huang , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.2280-2288 , (2010) Abstract
Construction of explanatory fire-loss model for buildings , Yuan-Shang Lin; Chih-Hsin Lin; Po-Chuan Huang , Fire Safety Journal, 11/2009, Volume 44, Issue 8, p.1046-1052 , (2009) Abstract
Pedestrian Simulation Modeling for World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Yue ZHOU; Jiangyan WANG; Di HUANG; Shengyang SUN , Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.141-146 , (2009) Abstract
A mobile lattice gas model for simulating pedestrian evacuation , R.Y. Guo; H.J. Huang , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 01/2008, Volume 387, Issue 2-3, p.580-586 , (2008) Abstract
A modified floor field cellular automata model for pedestrian evacuation simulation, Ren-Yong Guo; Hai-Jun Huang , Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical , Volume 41, Issue 38, (2008) Abstract
Occupant evacuation model based on cellular automata in fire, YANG Lizhong; FANG Weifeng; HUANG Rui; DENG Zhihua , Chinese Science Bulletin, Volume 47, p.1484-1488, (2008) Abstract
Revisiting Hughes’ dynamic continuum model for pedestrian flow and the development of an efficient solution algorithm , Ling Huang; S.C. Wong; Mengping Zhang; Chi-Wang Shu; William H.K. Lam , Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, (2008) Abstract
A granular dynamic method for modelling the egress pattern at an exit, P. Lin; S.M. Lo; .K.K. Yuen; H.C. Huang; J. Liang , Fire Safety Journal, 07/2007, Volume 42, Issue 5, p.377-383, (2007) Abstract
On the use of multi-stage time-varying quickest time approach for optimization of evacuation planning, Lin, P; Lo, S.M; Huang, H.C; Yuen, K.K , [Article in Press], (2007) Abstract