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A higher-order macroscopic model for pedestrian flows , Yan-qun Jiang; Peng Zhang; S.C. Wong; Ru-xun Liu , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 11/2010, Volume 389, Issue 21, p.4623-4635, (2010) Abstract
A reactive dynamic continuum user equilibrium model for bi-directional pedestrian flows , Yanqun Jiang; Tao Xiong; S.C. Wong; Chi-Wang Shu; Mengping Zhang; Peng Zhang; William H.K. Lam , Acta Mathematica Scientia, 11/2009, Volume 29, Issue 6, p.1541-1555, (2009) Abstract
Analytical investigation of oscillations in intersecting flows of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, Dirk Helbing; Rui Jiang; Martin Treiber , Physics and Society, (2005) Abstract
Continuum crowd simulation in complex environments, Hao Jiang; Wenbin Xu; Tianlu Mao; Chunpeng Li; Shihong Xia; Zhaoqi Wang , Computers & Graphics, Volume 34, Issue 5, p.537-544, (2010) Abstract
Crowding in platform staircases of a subway station in China during rush hours , C.S. Jiang; Y.F. Deng; C. Hu; , H. Ding; W.K. Chow , Safety Science, Volume 47, Issue 7, p.931-938, (2009) Abstract
Effect of varying two key parameters in simulating evacuation for subway stations in China , C.S. Jiang; F. Yuan; W.K. Chow , Safety Science, Volume 48, Issue 4, p.445-451, (2010) Abstract
Emergency evacuation in places for public entertainment in Mainland China, Chuansheng Jiang; Wei Li; Cheng Hu; Yan Xiong; Hui Ding; W.K. Chow , Building and Environment, 01/2009, Volume 44, Issue 1, p.169-176, (2009) Abstract
Numerical Simulation of Emergency Evacuation of a Subway Station: A Case Study in Beijing , Jiang, C S; Ling, Y; Hu, C; Yang, Z; Ding, H; Chow, W K , Architectural Science Review, Volume 52, Issue 3, p.183-193, (2010) Abstract