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Establishing the Methodologies for Human Evacuation Simulation in Marine Accidents, Hongtae Kim; Dongkon Lee; Jin-Hyoung Park; Jong-Gap Lee and Beom-Jin Park and Seung-Hyun Lee , November, (2001)
A Mesoscopic Model for Passenger Evacuation in a Virtual Ship-Sea Environment and Performance-Based Evaluation, Dracos Vassalos; Hyunseok Kim; Guro Christiansen; Jayanta Majumder , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, 4/04/2001, duisburg - germany, (2001) Abstract
Evi -- Passenger Evacuation Performance Assessment in Ship Design and Operation, D.Vassalos; G.Christiansen; H.Kim , Conference of the International Emergency Management Society, (2001)
Comparison of traffic assignments in evacuation modeling, Hobeika, A.G; Changkyun Kim , Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on, p.192-198, (2002) Abstract
The current status and future issues in human evacuation from ships, Dongkon Lee; Hongtae Kim; Jin-Hyoung Park; Beom-Jin Park , Safety Science, 12/2003, Volume 41, Issue 10, p.861-876, (2003) Abstract
A study on experiment of human behavior for evacuation simulation , Dongkon Lee; Jin-Hyung Park; Hongtae Kim , Ocean Engineering, 06/2004, Volume 31, Issue 8-9, p.931-941 , (2004) Abstract
An Analysis Of Survivor’s Egress Route Classified By Each Train During Daegu Subway Fire, Hong, Won-Hwa; Jeon, G.; Ohe, Ho-Suk; Kim, Dong-sik , The 6th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, (2004) Abstract
Effectiveness of passenger evacuation performance for design, operation & training using first-principles simulation tools, D. Vassalos; L. Guarin; M. Bole; J. Majumder; G. C. Vassalos; H.S. Kim , (2005) Abstract
Evacuation Mode For Total Building Evacuation, Kim Bärlund; Ari Kattainen; Marjukka Mäkelä; Dr Marja-Liisa Siikonen , (2006) Abstract
2D - 3D Hybrid Data Modeling for Fire Evacuation Simulation, Inhye Park; Hyeyoung Kim; Chulmin Jun , (2007)
Human decision-making behavior and modeling effects , Choong Nyoung Kim; Kyung Hoon Yang; Jaekyung Kim , Decision Support Systems, 06/2008, Volume 45, Issue 3, p.517-527, (2008) Abstract
Directional Sound: Improving Airport Terminal Evacuation, Kim O'Neil , (2009) Abstract
Experiments of the subway car egress, Jong-Hoon Kim; Woon-Hyung Kim; Sam-Kew Roh; Duck-Hee Lee; Woo-Sung Jung , Human Behaviour in Fire, p.619-622, (2009) Abstract
Evacuation performance of individuals in different visibility conditions, Gyu-Yeob Jeon; Ju-Young Kim; Won-Hwa Hong; Godfried Augenbroe , Building and Environment, Volume 46, Issue 5, p.1094-1103, (2011) Abstract
Activity classification and user interface design for a crowdsourcing urban simulation platform using mobile devices, Dongyoun Shin; Stefan Müller; Sungah Kim; Gerhard Schmitt , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
A study for ventilation capacity of large enclosure considering real fire load, Chan-Sol Ahn; Jung-Yup Kim , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED, (2012) Abstract
Development of smoke control system ensuring safe evacuation through stairwell in high-rise building in Korea, Jung-Yup Kim; Hyun-Joon Shin , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED, (2012) Abstract
Estimating the impact of residents with disabilities on the evacuation in a high-rise building: A simulation study, Jeongin Koo; Yong Seog Kim; Byung-In Kim , Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Volume 24, (2012) Abstract
Experiments of Egress Behavior When Subway Car Stops on Track, Jong-Hoon Kim; Woon-Hyung Kim; Sam-Kew Roh; Duck-Hee Lee; Woo-Sung Jung , Human Behaviour in Fire, (2012) Abstract
Modeling Emergency Evacuation of Individuals with Disabilities (Exitus): An Agent-based Public Decision Support System, Matthew Manley; Yong Seog Kim , Expert Systems with Applications, (2012) Abstract
Revision of pedestrian levels of service values based on pedestrian conflicts, Jaisung Choi; Sangyoup Kim; Seongmin Kim; Taeho Kim , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED, (2012) Abstract
Agent-based simulation of affordance-based human behaviors in emergency evacuation, Jaekoo Joo; Namhun Kim; Richard A. Wysk; Ling Rothrock; Young-Jun Son; Yeong-gwang Oh; Seungho Lee , Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Volume 32, (2013) Abstract