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A Study on People’s Attitude to the Use of Elevators for Fire Escape, Y. J. Liao; S. M. Lo; J. Ma; S. B. Liu; G. X. Liao , Fire Technology, 03/2014, Volume 50, Issue 2, p.363-378, (2014) Abstract
Air passenger perceptions on exit row seating and flight safety education, Yu-Hern Chang; Meng-Yuan Liao , Safety Science, 12/2008, Volume 46, Issue 10, p.1459-1468, (2008) Abstract
China: some key technologies and the future developments of fire safety science, Maohua Zhong; Weicheng Fan; T. M. Liu; P. H. Zhang; X. Wei; G. X. Liao , Safety Science, 08/2004, Volume 42, Issue 7, p.627-637, (2004) Abstract
Efficiency Analysis of Elevator Aided Building Evacuation Using Network Model , Jian Ma; Juan Chen; Yao-jian Liao; Lo Siuming , Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering & Technology 2012, MUCET 2012, (2013) Abstract
Experimental study on an ultra high-rise building evacuation in China, J. Ma; W.G. Song; W. Tian; S.M. Lo; G.X. Liao , Safety Science, Volume 50, p.1665–1674, (2012) Abstract
Experimental study on microscopic moving characteristics of pedestrians in built corridor based on digital image processing, Jian Ma; Wei-guo Song; Zhi-ming Fang; Siu-ming Lo; Guang-xuan Liao , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.2160-2169 , (2010) Abstract
Modeling pedestrian space in complex building for efficient pedestrian traffic simulation, J. Ma; S. M. Lo; W.G. Song; W.L. Wang; J. Zhang; G.X. Liao , Automation in Construction, -3/2013, Volume 30, p.25-36, (2013) Abstract
The effect of aviation safety education on passenger cabin safety awareness, Yu-Hern Chang; Meng-Yuan Liao , Safety Science, Volume 47, Issue 10, p.1337-1345, (2009) Abstract