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The Evacuate Training Problems of Earthquake In China, Chunxia Lu , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
The Evacuation Training Problems of an Earthquake in China, C. Lu , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
Lattice hydrodynamic model with bidirectional pedestrian flow , Huan-huan Tiana; Hong-di Heb; Yan-fang Weic; Xue Yua; Wei-zhen Lu , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 07/2009, Volume 388, Issue 14, p.2895-2902 , (2009) Abstract
Fire evacuation model based on motor schema and cellular automaton, Lu, C. Weng; W. Yang, R. , (2007)
Household Decision-Making and Evacuation in Response to Hurricane Lili, Lindell, Michael K.; Lu, Jing-Chein; Prater, Carla S. , Natural Hazards Review, Volume 6, Issue 4, p.171-179, (2005) Abstract
Integrating geographical information and augmented reality techniques for mobile escape guidelines on nuclear accident sites, Ming-Kuan Tsai; Yung-Ching Lee; Chung-Hsin Lu; Mei-Hsin Chen; Tien-Yin Chou; Nie-Jia Yau , Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Volume 109, p.36–44, (2012) Abstract
Feasibility of upward evacuation by escalator – An experimental study, Naoko Okada; Yuji Hasemi; Shuji Moriyama; Kazutaka Hirakawa; Kota Takemori; Takahiro Hebiishi; Yunqin Lu , Human Behaviour in Fire, p.161-172, (2009) Abstract
Treatment of evacuation time uncertainty using polynomial chaos expansion, Qimiao Xie; Shouxiang Lu; Depeng Kong; Jinhui Wang , Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, (2013) Abstract
On the relationship between crowd density and movement velocity , Z. Fang; S. M. Lo; J. A. Lu , Fire Safety Journal, 04/2003, Volume 38, Issue 3, p.271-283, (2003) Abstract