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Evaluating the physical demands on firefighters using hand-carried stair descent devices to evacuate mobility-limited occupants from high-rise buildings, Steven A. Lavender; Glenn E. Hedman; Jay P. Mehta; Paul A. Reichelt; Karen M. Conrad; Sanghyun Park , Applied Ergonomics, (2013) Abstract
Ergonomic Evaluation Of Manually Carried And Track-Type Stair Descent Devices Used For The Evacuation Of High Rise Buildings , Steven A. Lavender; Glenn E. Hedman; Paul A. Reichelt; Jay P. Mehta; Karen M. Conrad; Sanghyun Park , Fifth International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire, (2012) Abstract
CFD simulation and assessment of life safety in a subway train fire , Jae Seong Roh; Hong Sun Ryou; Won Hee Park; Yong Jun Jang , Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Volume 24, Issue 4, (2009) Abstract
2D - 3D Hybrid Data Modeling for Fire Evacuation Simulation, Inhye Park; Hyeyoung Kim; Chulmin Jun , (2007)
Establishing the Methodologies for Human Evacuation Simulation in Marine Accidents, Hongtae Kim; Dongkon Lee; Jin-Hyoung Park; Jong-Gap Lee and Beom-Jin Park and Seung-Hyun Lee , November, (2001)
A study on experiment of human behavior for evacuation simulation , Dongkon Lee; Jin-Hyung Park; Hongtae Kim , Ocean Engineering, 06/2004, Volume 31, Issue 8-9, p.931-941 , (2004) Abstract
The current status and future issues in human evacuation from ships, Dongkon Lee; Hongtae Kim; Jin-Hyoung Park; Beom-Jin Park , Safety Science, 12/2003, Volume 41, Issue 10, p.861-876, (2003) Abstract