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Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2008, Christian Rogsch; Andreas Schadschneider; Wolfram W.F. Klingsch; Michael Schreckenberg; (Eds.) , Berlin, (2009) Abstract
Journal Article
Evacuation Dynamics: Empirical Results, Modeling and Applications, Schadschneider, A.; Klingsch, W.; Klüpfel, H.; Kretz, T.; Rogsch, C.; Seyfried, A. , Arxiv preprint arXiv:0802.1620, (2008) Abstract
Conference Paper
RiMEA - A way to define a standard for evacuation calculations, Christian Rogsch; Hubert Klüpfel; Rainer Könnecke; Andreas Winkens , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED 2012, (2012) Abstract
To See Behind the Curtain – A Methodical Approach to Identify Calculation Methods of Closed-Source Evacuation Software Tools, Christian Rogsch; Wolfram Klingsch , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
Simulation of human movement by cellular automata models using different update schemes, Christian Rogsch; A Schadschneider; A Seyfried , Human Behaviour in Fire, p.543-548, (2009) Abstract
Was It Panic? An Overview About Mass-Emergencies and Their Origins All Over the World for Recent Years , Christian Rogsch; Michael Schreckenberg; Eric Tribble; Wolfram Klingsch; Tobias Kretz , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2008) Abstract
How reliable are commercial software-tools for evacuation calculation?, C. Rogsch; W. Klingsch; A. Seyfried; H. Weigel , Interflam 2007 - Conference Proceedings, p.235--245, (2007) Abstract
Comparative investigations of the dynamical simulation of foot traffic flow, C. Rogsch; A. Seyfried; W. Klingsch , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2005, (2006)
Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur dynamischen Simulation von Personenstr{\"o}men, C. Rogsch , (2005)