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Modeling and analyzing 3D complex building interiors for effective evacuation simulations, Liqiang Zhang; Yanhui Wang; Hongling Shi; Liang Zhang , Fire Safety Journal, 10/2012, Volume 53, p.1-12, (2012) Abstract
Modeling and safety strategy of passenger evacuation in a metro station in China , Shi Congling; Zhong Maohua; Nong Xingzhong; He Li; Shi Jiehong; Feng Guoguan , Safety Science, Volume 50, Issue 5, p.1319–1332, (2012) Abstract
Optimal exit choice algorithm for pedestrian evacuation dynamics, Xuan Xu; Maohua Zhong; Congling Shi , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
Experimental Research on Investigation of Metro Passenger Evacuation Behaviors in case of Emergency, He Li; Zhong Maohua; Shi Congling; Shi Jiehong; Chen Haicheng; Xu Qiaoxiang , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
Developing a database for emergency evacuation model , Long Shi; Qiyuan Xie; Xudong Cheng; Long Chen; Yong Zhou; Ruifang Zhang , Building and Environment, Volume 44, Issue 8, p.1724-1729 , (2009) Abstract
Application of Pedestrian Simulation in Olympic Games , Nana ZHU; Jiangyan WANG; Jiangang SHI , Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 12/2008, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.85-90 , (2008) Abstract
Study of the human evacuation simulation of metro fire safety analysis in China , Maohua Zhong; Congling Shi; Xuwei Tu; Tairan Fu; Li He , Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 05/2008, Volume 21, Issue 3, p.287-298, (2008) Abstract