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A survey of the characteristics of human evacuation behaviors in building fires, Wei-wen Tseng; Tzu-sheng Shen; Chien-wen Liang, , Human Beahviour in Fire, p.399-410, (2009) Abstract
Building Egress Analysis, Tzu-Sheng Shen , Journal of Fire Sciences, Volume 24, Issue 1, p.7-25, (2006) Abstract
Building Planning Evaluations for Emergency Evacuation, Tzu-Sheng Shen , (2003) Abstract
ESM: a building evacuation simulation model, Tzu-Sheng Shen , Building and Environment, 05/2005, Volume 40, Issue 5, p.671-680, (2005) Abstract
Identifying the target spaces for building evacuation, Tzu-Sheng Shen , Building and Environment, 11/2006, Volume 41, Issue 11, p.1600-1606, (2006) Abstract
Modeling the occupant evacuation of the Mass Rapid Transit Station using the control volume model, Guan-Yuan Wu; Shen-Wen Chien; Yuan-Ting Huang , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.2280-2288 , (2010) Abstract