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Exploratory research on reading cognition and escape-route planning using building evacuation plan diagrams, Chieh-Hsin Tang; Ching-Yuan Lin; Yu-Min Hsu , Applied Ergonomics, Volume 39, Issue 2, p.209-217, (2008) Abstract
A Decision Making Model Of The Doorway Clue For An Agents’ Evacuation Simulation, Chengyu Sun; Bauke de Vries; Zhong Tang; Jan Dijkstra , European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS), 04/06/2007, p.176-180, (2007) Abstract
Integrated Prediction of Fire, Smoke and Occupants Evacuation of Buildings, D. Tang; K. Beattie , (2004) Abstract
GIS-based 3D evacuation simulation for indoor fire, Fangqin Tang; Aizhu Ren , Building and Environment, 03/2012, Volume 49, (2012) Abstract
A GIS-Based 3D Simulation for Occupant Evacuation in a Building , Fangqin Tang; Xin Zhang , Tsinghua Science & Technology, 10/2008, Volume 13, p.58-64, (2008) Abstract
Behaviour Based Motion Simulation for Fire Evacuation Procedures, Huibo Li; Wen Tang; Derek Simpson , Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2004 (TPCG'04), 08/06/2004, (2004) Abstract
Agent-Based Evacuation Model Incorporating Fire Scene and Building Geometry, TANG Fangqin; REN Aizhu , TSINGHUA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 10/2008, Volume 21/25, p.708-714, (2008) Abstract