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Automated human choice extraction for evacuation route prediction , Chengyu Sun; Bauke de Vries , Automation in Construction, (2009) Abstract
A Decision Making Model Of The Doorway Clue For An Agents’ Evacuation Simulation, Chengyu Sun; Bauke de Vries; Zhong Tang; Jan Dijkstra , European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS), 04/06/2007, p.176-180, (2007) Abstract
Measuring Human Behavior Using A Head Cave, C. SUN; B. DE VRIES; J. DIJKSTRA , CAAD Futures, Sydney, Australia, p.501-511, (2007)
An Architecture-Based Model For Underground Space Evacuation Simulation, Chengyu Sun; Bauke de Vries , European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS), 28/05/2006, Bonn, Germany, p.578-583, (2006)
Empirical Estimation of Agent Shopping Patterns for Simulation Pedestrian Movement, Dijkstra, J.; Timmermanns, H.J.P.; de Vries, B. , CUPUM07 Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, (2007) Abstract
Agent Architecture for Simulating Pedestrians in the Built Environment, Dijkstra, J.; Jessurun, J.; de Vries, B.; Timmermans, H. , Fourth International Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation at AAMAS-06. Hakodate Japan: ACM, p.8--16, (2006) Abstract
Emerging Issues in High-Rise Building Egress, David A. de Vries , (2006) Abstract
Modelling behavioral aspects of agents in simulating pedestrian movement, Dijkstra, J.; Timmermans, HJP; de Vries, B. , Proceedings of CUPUM conference London, CD-ROM paper, Volume 63, (2005) Abstract
Relationships between street characteristics and perceived attractiveness for walking reported by elderly people , Hieronymus C. Borst; Henk M.E. Miedema; Sanne I. de Vries; Jamie M.A. Graham; Jef E.F. van Dongen , Journal of Environmental Psychology, (2008) Abstract
Measuring individual’s egress preference in wayfinding through virtual navigation experiments, Jan Dijkstra; Qunli Chen; Bauke de Vries; Joran Jessurun , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED 2012, (2012) Abstract
Modelling time duration of planned and unplanned store visits in a multi-agent simulation of pedestrian activity in city centres, Jan Dijkstra; Joran Jessurun; Bauke de Vries; Harry Timmermans , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED, (2012) Abstract
Building safety and human behaviour in fire: A literature review , Margrethe Kobes; Ira Helsloot; Bauke de Vries; Jos G. Post , Fire Safety Journal, Volume 45, Issue 1, p.1-11 , (2010) Abstract
Way finding during fire evacuation; an analysis of unannounced fire drills in a hotel at night, Margrethe Kobes; Ira Helsloot; Bauke de Vries; Jos G. Post; Nancy Oberijé; Karin Groenewegen , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 3, p.537-548 , (2010) Abstract
Study on the influence of smoke and exit signs on fire evacuation - analysis of evacuation experiments in a real and virtual hotel, Margrethe Kobes; I Helsloot; B de Vries , Interflam 2010, p.801812, (2010) Abstract
Hotel evacuation at night; an analysis of unannounced fire drills under various conditions, Margrethe Kobes; Nancy Oberijé; Karin Groenewegen; Ira Helsloot; Bauke de Vries , Human Behaviour in Fire, p.219-230, (2009) Abstract