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Fire Safety Engineering and Ship Design using Advanced Fire and Evacuation Simulation, Galea, E R; Gwynne, S; Lawrence P.; Blackshields, D.; Ewer, J.; Wang, N.; Hurst, N.; Mawhinney,N. , 1st International Conference Fire on Ships, 11, 12 March 2003, Inmarsat Conference Centre, London EC1, (2003) Abstract
Intelligent Control of Building Environmental Systems for Optimal Evacuation Planning , J.S. Zhang; C.K. Mohan; P. Varshney; C. Isik; K. Mehrotra; Z. Wang; S. Gao; R. Rajagonpalan , Proceedings of the International Conference on Indoor Air Quality Problems and Engineerign Solutions, (2003)
Simulating Ship Evacuation under Fire Conditions, Galea E.R.; Lawrence P; Gwynne S.; Filippidis L.; Blackshields D.; Sharp G.; Hurst N.; Wang Z.; Ewer J. , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2003, 20-22 August 2003, University of Greenwich, London, UK, p.159-171, (2003)
Modeling traveler choice behavior using the concepts of relative utility and relative interest, Zhang, J.; Timmermans, H.; Borgers, A.; Wang, D. , Transportation Research Part B, Volume 38, Number 3, p.215--234, (2004) Abstract
Generating Sequence of Eye Fixations Using Decision-theoretic Attention Model, Erdan Gu; Jingbin Wang; Norman I. Badler , 2005 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 06/2005, Volume 3, (2005) Abstract
Application of Pedestrian Simulation in Olympic Games , Nana ZHU; Jiangyan WANG; Jiangang SHI , Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 12/2008, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.85-90 , (2008) Abstract
Survey of pedestrian movement and development of a crowd dynamics model , Z. Fang; J.P. Yuan; Y.C. Wang; S.M. Lo , Fire Safety Journal, 08/2008, Volume 43, Issue 6, p.459-465 , (2008) Abstract
Analysis of trample disaster and a case study – Mihong bridge fatality in China in 2004 , Wang Zhen; Liu Mao; Zhao Yuan , Safety Science, Volume 46, Issue 8, (2008) Abstract
Coupled Fire/Evacuation Analysis of the Station Nightclub Fire, Galea, E.R.; Wang, Z.; Veeraswamy, A.; Jia, F.; Lawrence, P.J.; Ewer, J., , Fire Safety Science (PRE PRINT), (2008) Abstract
Modeling Social Group Structures in Pedestrian Crowds, Fasheng Qiu; Xiaolin Hu; Xue Wang; Saurav Karmakar , Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (SIMPAT), Volume 18, Issue 2, p.190-205, (2008) Abstract
Revisiting Hughes’ dynamic continuum model for pedestrian flow and the development of an efficient solution algorithm , Ling Huang; S.C. Wong; Mengping Zhang; Chi-Wang Shu; William H.K. Lam , Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, (2008) Abstract
A reactive dynamic continuum user equilibrium model for bi-directional pedestrian flows , Yanqun Jiang; Tao Xiong; S.C. Wong; Chi-Wang Shu; Mengping Zhang; Peng Zhang; William H.K. Lam , Acta Mathematica Scientia, 11/2009, Volume 29, Issue 6, p.1541-1555, (2009) Abstract
Integrated network approach of evacuation simulation for large complex buildings , P. Yuan; Z. Fang; Y.C. Wang; S.M. Lo; P. Wang , Fire Safety Journal, 02/2009, Volume 44, Issue 2, p.266-275 , (2009) Abstract
Pedestrian Simulation Modeling for World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Yue ZHOU; Jiangyan WANG; Di HUANG; Shengyang SUN , Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.141-146 , (2009) Abstract
Continuum crowd simulation in complex environments, Hao Jiang; Wenbin Xu; Tianlu Mao; Chunpeng Li; Shihong Xia; Zhaoqi Wang , Computers & Graphics, Volume 34, Issue 5, p.537-544, (2010) Abstract
Evacuation Analysis of 1000+ Seat Blended Wing Body Aircraft Configurations: Computer Simulations and Full-Scale Evacuation Experiment, E. R. Galea; L. Filippidis; Z. Wang; P. J. Lawrence; J. Ewer , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
A proposed pedestrian waiting-time model for improving space–time use efficiency in stadium evacuation scenarios, Zhixiang Fang; Qingquan Li; Qiuping Li; Lee D. Han; Dan Wang , Building and Environment, 09/2011, Volume 46, Issue 9, (2011) Abstract
An agent-based model for risk-based flood incident management , Richard J. Dawson; Roger Peppe; Miao Wang , Natural Hazards, Volume 59, Issue 1, p.167-189, (2011) Abstract
Modeling and analyzing 3D complex building interiors for effective evacuation simulations, Liqiang Zhang; Yanhui Wang; Hongling Shi; Liang Zhang , Fire Safety Journal, 10/2012, Volume 53, p.1-12, (2012) Abstract
Agitated behavior and elastic characteristics of pedestrians in an alternative floor field model for pedestrian dynamics, Dong-Fan Xie; Zi-You Gao; Xiao-Mei Zhao; David Zhi-Wei Wang , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 04/2012, Volume 391, Issue 7, (2012) Abstract
Evacuation assistants: An extended model for determining effective locations and optimal numbers, Xiaolu Wang; Xiaoping Zheng; Yuan Cheng , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 03/2012, Volume 391, Issue 6, (2012) Abstract
Study on probability distribution of fire scenarios in risk assessment to emergency evacuation, Chu Guanquan; Wang Jinhui , Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 03/2012, Volume 99, (2012) Abstract
Devs-based building information modeling and simulation for emergency evacuation, Sixuan Wang; Michael Van Schyndel; Gabriel Wainer; Vinu Subashini Rajus; Robert Woodbury , Winter Simulation Conference, (2012) Abstract
Evacuation assistants: An extended model for determining effective locations and optimal numbers, Xiaolu Wang; Xiaoping Zheng; Yuan Cheng , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 391, Issue 6, p.2245–2260, (2012) Abstract
Fire And Evacuation Simulation Of The Fatal 1985 Manchester Airport B737 Fire , Zhaozhi Wang; Fuchen Jia; Edwin R. Galea , Fifth International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire, (2012) Abstract