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Journal Article
An energy model approach to people counting for abnormal crowd behavior detection, Guogang Xiong; Jun Cheng; Xinyu Wu; Yen-Lun Chen; Yongsheng Ou; Yangsheng Xu , Neurocomputing, Volume 83, (2012) Abstract
Hybrid modelling and simulation of huge crowd over a hierarchical Grid architecture, Dan Chen; Lizhe Wang; Xiaomin Wu; Jingying Chen; Samee U. Khan; Joanna Kołodziej; Mingwei Tian; Fang Huang; Wangyang Liu , Future Generation Computer Systems, (2012) Abstract
Difference between real-life escape panic and mimic exercises in simulated situation with implications to the statistical physics models of emergency evacuation: The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake , Xiaolin Yang; Zhongliang Wu; Yingchun Li , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 06/2011, (2011) Abstract
Computer simulation of evacuation in underground coal mines, Jingwei JI; Jingyao ZHANG; Jinlin CHEN; Shuang WU , Mining Science and Technology (China), 09/2010, Volume 20, Issue 5, p.677-681 , (2010) Abstract
Experiment and modeling of exit-selecting behaviors during a building evacuation , Zhiming Fanga; Weiguo Song; Jun Zhanga; Hao Wu , Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 389, Issue 4, p.815-824 , (2010) Abstract
Modeling the occupant evacuation of the Mass Rapid Transit Station using the control volume model, Guan-Yuan Wu; Shen-Wen Chien; Yuan-Ting Huang , Building and Environment, Volume 45, Issue 10, p.2280-2288 , (2010) Abstract
Walking Behavior and Pedestrian Flow Characteristics for Different Types of Walking Facilities , Jianhong Ye; Xiaohong Chen; Chao Yang; Jiaorong Wu , Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, (2008) Abstract
A stranded-crowd model (SCM) for performance-based design of stadium egress, Qingsong Zhang; Mao Liu; Caihong Wu; Guomin Zhao , Building and Environment, 07/2007, Volume 42, Issue 7, p.2630-2636, (2007) Abstract
Conference Paper
A Multi-Grid Model For Evacuation Coupling With The Effects of Fire Products, Zhi-Ming Fang; Wei-Guo Song; Hao Wu , Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2010) Abstract
User Acceptance Of Community Emergency Alert Technology: Motivations And Barriers , Fei Wu , (2009) Abstract