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A Research of Pedestrian Evacuation Simulation for BRT Station based on Fine Grid Method, HU Ji-hua, Zhan Cheng-zhi, Cheng Zhi-feng, Wang Bo , Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering & Technology 2012, MUCET 2012, (2013) Abstract
Agent-based modelling and simulation of urban evacuation: relative effectiveness of simultaneous and staged evacuation strategies, X Chen; F B Zhan , Journal of the Operational Research Society, (2008) Abstract
Agent-based modeling and analysis of hurricane evacuation procedures for the Florida keys, Xuwei Chen; Meaker John W.; Zhan F. Benjamin , Natural hazards, Volume 6, p.321-338, (2006) Abstract
Crowd analysis: a survey, B. Zhan; D.N. Monekosso; P. Remagnino; S.A. Velastin; L Xu , Computer Science , Volume 19, Issue 5-6, p.345-357, (2008) Abstract
Observation study of pedestrian flow on staircases with different dimensions under normal and emergency conditions, Lizhong Yang; Ping Rao; Kongjin Zhu; Shaobo Liu; Xin Zhan , Safety Science, Volume 50, Issue 2, (2012) Abstract
Pedestrian environments, transit path choice, and transfer penalties: understanding land-use impacts on transit travel, Zhan Guo, Joseph Ferreira Jr , Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, Volume 35, p.461 – 479, (2008) Abstract
The non-symmetrical choice behavior during evacuation experiments in building with multi-obstacle, Kongjin Zhu; Lizhong Yang; Xin Zhan; Ping Rao , PED - Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, (2012) Abstract
The Analysis of Crowd Dynamics: From Observations to Modelling, B. Zhan; P. Remagnino; D. N. Monekosso; S. Velastin , COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, Volume 1, p.441-472, (2009) Abstract