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12 Jul 2011 - 13:31562
Hi human beings,

Does anyone have a good definition of Crowd? (i.e., an "oficial" reference or a good reference).

Wikipedia does bring some good definitions (, but if, by any chance, you have any other references, please share with me (us) :).

many thanks,


12 Jul 2011 - 17:16563
Hi Rodrigo,

I can't find a precise definition of crowd apart from the wikipedia link. Maybe it could be of help defining the class to which the term crowd belongs starting from the NIST GCR 10-928 document "Conventions in the Collection and Use of Human Performance Data" by Steve Gwynne. There you can find in the Appendix D the Keyword equivalence classes. Among these, there is the term "Population" which is considered in the same line of the term "crowd".

Citing Steve's work: "This appendix represents a categorization of vocabulary into broadly related sets of terms.. ..Terms underlined are tentatively suggested as keywords. Terms on the same line as each other have a similar meaning (i.e. equivalent terms) or address a related subject.."

Here there is the class for crowd:

[Population]/ [crowd/ group/collective/mass/herd/mob/aggressive mob/casual
crowd/audience/gathering/cluster/herd/ community/collective/alliance/flock/people]

Maybe you should also try to take a look at Prof. Still's thesis entitles "crowd dynamics".

I hope this could be of help,


Dr Enrico Ronchi

12 Jul 2011 - 18:48564
Hi Enrico,

Many thanks for this information.

I thought to look at Keith Still´s PhD thesis; I will do that for sure.

many thanks,


16 Jul 2011 - 23:43565
Hi guys,

Just my 2 the BBC English Dictionary, found out that:

1. a large group of people who have gathered together
2. a group of friends, or people with the same interests or occupation
3. when people "crowd" round someone or something they gather closely together around them
4. if a group of people "crowd" a place or "crowd" into it, they fill it completly.

Not sure if this will help (I doubt!) but came from a highly reputed dictionary. 1st ed. 1993.


 João Emílio Almeida

Bsc Informatics

Msc Fire Safety Engineering

PhD student at ProDEI - Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering

19 Jul 2011 - 13:22566
Thanks João for this information,



23 Jul 2011 - 14:05568
Hi guys, I just wanted to share this.

Reading Keith Still´s PhD thesis (which is probably one of the pioneers on Crowd Dynamics; therefore it is always worth to have a look on that: ), I could define crowd in technical terms as:

a large group of people which forms and moves above the critical density of more than one person per square meter.

On some of my previous studies, I have defined this "critical population density" as 2p/m2.

all the best,


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