How reliable are commercial software-tools for evacuation calculation?

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Interflam 2007 - Conference Proceedings, p.235--245 (2007)


Evaluation and optimization of emergency systems can be accomplished with several engineering methods, which are entirely different: macroscopic “handcalculation” methods and microscopic computersimulation methods. Both methods allow forecasting of evacuation-times for various settings. The authors compare results of four commercial software-tools with real evacuation-trials in high-rise buildings and among themselves at simple settings. For this study ASERI 3.4c and 4.1, buildingEXODUS V4.0, Level 2, PedGo Version 2.1.1 and 2.2.4 and Simulex 11.1.3 are used. The analysis shows, that software-tools can predict total evacuation-times of high-rise buildings. These results are also compared with macroscopic "handcalculation" methods. However, taking a closer look to very simple scenarios like a single room the results vary considerably with different software-tools. The authors want to show, how convincing the results of commercial evacuation-models are and which problems can occur.