Pedestrians: Creating Agent Behaviors through Statistical Analysis of Observation Data

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Computer Animation 2001 : Proceedings of the 14th Conference on Computer Animation, p.84-92 (2001)



Creating a complex virtual environment with human inhabitants that
behave as we would expect real humans to behave is a difficult and time
consuming task. Time must be spent to construct the environment, to
create human figures, to create animations for the agents' actions, and
to create controls for the agents' behaviors, such as scripts, plans,
and decision-makers. Often work done for one virtual environment must
be completely replicated for another. The creation of robust,
procedural actions that can be ported from one simulation to another
would ease the creation of new virtual environments. As walking is
useful in many different virtual environments, the creation of natural
looking walking is important. In this paper we present a system for
producing more natural looking walking by incorporating actions for the
upper body. We aim to provide a tool that authors of virtual
environments can use to add realism to their characters without effort.