Towards Perceptually Driven Simulations Of Pedestrian Dynamics In Fire: A Cognitive Modelling Approach

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Fifth International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire (2012)


Simulation models of pedestrian dynamics have recently become important tools of planning and design in fire safety engineering. The increasing importance of pedestrian dynamics simulations in this field emphasises the need of accurate and reliable simulation models. Despite the considerable exiting body of research dealing with simulating pedestrian behaviour and dynamics in fire, several modelling problems are still to be addressed. In this paper, a cognition-oriented approach to modelling movement dynamics of pedestrians will be presented. The focus will be on the following three focal points in simulating evacuation behaviour in fire: Modelling pedestrian behaviour in dark and smoke- filled environment, modelling pedestrian behaviour under stress, fear and anxiety and analysing acoustic-signals-supported evacuation strategies. All the mentioned problems are involving pedestrians’ behaviour that is greatly influenced by the cognitive abilities of the individual, especially her perception of the surrounding.