Below is a list of some Evacuation Models that are currently available. This is not comprehensive as model availability changes all the time. In addition, since the use of lifts/elevators during emergency situations has also generated substantial interest in recent years a list of lift/elevator only simulation tools is included (note that certain evacuation models can also represent lifts/elevators).

Click on the link for each model to obtain further details. For each model, an information template has been provided that was developed by Erica Kuligowski of the National Institute of Standards (NIST), US (click here for further information). Where possible, model developers maintain the information upon their respective model pages themselves. Where model developers do not maintain the information, the Evacmod team has endeavoured to provide information based on published literature. An attempt has been made to ensure that the details provided are accurate, however, omissions are possible. Issues with the data presented on the site or requests for additions can be made to or, after logging in, sending a private message to "admin".

We hope the list is useful for anyone wishing to know more about the models available and their current capabilities. Further guidance in model selection can be found in the following article by E.Kuligowski and S.Gwynne:
A number of other articles that review a variety of evacuation models are also listed below:
A Review of Building Evacuation Models (Kuligowski et al) (a second edition of this paper can be found here)
A Critical Review of Emergency Evacuation Simulation Models (Santos et al)


Evacuation Models
Lift/Elevator Models